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[Event] War Room Guide Event - WIN 500 Gold

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Posted on 2017-06-09 01:58:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

Welcome to the War Room, an area where Generals come together and exchange tips and strategies for Victory.
Why not help your fellow Generals crush their foes by sharing any Battle Mobile tips and/or strategies you may have here. All you need to do is create a guide explaining your tips and strategies and post it as a comment below (Don’t forget your IGG ID)! Better yet, for every eligible guide we receive, we will give 500 Gold to its author.
Guide suggestions:
*Please note, these are just suggestions, your guides can be about anything relevant to Battle Mobile,
Newbie Guides
Strategies for attacking/defending
Commanders and their stats
Troops and units
Rules and regulations:
1) Lords Mobile reserves the right to publish submitted entries.
2) Original entries only. Please use your own work!
3) Please make your guide as detailed as you can, any guides that don’t contain enough information won’t be considered for a prize.
4) Entries can be submitted as either a written answer left as a comment below or as a Youtube video (link must be posted as a comment section below.)
3) There is no submission limit. You can create as many guides as you want!
4) Winners will be chosen once a week and prizes will be sent out within 72 hours of the winners being announced.

Rewards:We will pick good guides to be featured Facebook and other social media platforms. Winning guides will receive 500 Gold each.