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[Discussion] How to select email archiving service?

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Posted on 2020-01-30 09:51:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

When choosing an email archiving service, administrators will want to consider other factors than deployment models.
Some companies, for example, will find the ability for users to access archived email directly from the desktop important for productivity purposes. Mimecast is one company that offers an Outlook plug-in so users can search up to 10 years of archived email without leaving their email software.
Another issue to consider is social media and instant messaging (IM) integration. For many companies, email is one of several channels their employees use to communicate. Autonomy comes from a background rich in content analysis and offers IM integration, indexing of video and audio, and can even store and index telephone conversations. Meanwhile, Smarsh appears to be focusing on broader social media; it offers the ability to manage and archive activity on services such as Twitter and other social media platforms.
Some of these email archiving services can also be used as a platform for specialist services. For example, CaseCentral, another Symantec partner, focuses on e-discovery for legal purposes. It provides services such as near-duplication analysis, which groups together documents that are almost (but not quite) the same from within the email archive so that litigators can better analyze them. It also provides concept identification services that enable analysts to trawl emails and identify them based on the concepts raised in the text.
I hope this information helps!
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